Petite Laure Swaddle Hot air Balloons

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Heavenly soft, delicate-to-touch and light muslin swaddle blanket made of 100% bamboo.The snuggle blanket is a must-have of every mum, it can be used not just to wrap your baby andtuck it in. It also works as a cover during breastfeeding and as a shield against sun or wind.Product indispensable also during travel – it can be used as a changing mat, bottom sheet or towel.

Moreover, it is difficult not to mention the most important properties of bamboo:
3 x A: antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergenic
-free from pesticides and contaminantswater
– absorption 60% higher than that of cottonself-sterilising (fabric self-sterilises in 30%, which provides the feeling of freshness)
– neutralisation of unpleasant smells (it absorbs unpleasant smells and releases them only whenwashed in water)
– fully biodegradable

Washing recommended before first use.

With each wash the snuggle blanket becomes even moregentle.

The fabric and dies used have the OEKO-TEX 100 Class I certificate and are safe for children and the environment.

Dimensions: 75×75 cm
Composition: 100% CV Bamboo

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