FALKE Leg Vitalizer 40D Tights - 40594

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  • Improved ease of movement and more energy thanks to improved circulation and better oxygen supply to the legs
  • Ideal support on plane, train or car, and during long periods of sitting, standing, or walking
  • Beautiful silhouette and slim legs thanks to invisible support function
  • Superior comfort thanks to extra-wide, supple waistband
  • Unusually even mesh look thanks to 3D knitting technique
  • The perfect way to stay fresh and in shape, despite the limited opportunities for movement that today’s lifestyles offer
  • The anatomically adapted pressure stimulates the arteries and veins in the upper skin layers
  • Legs are pleasantly relieved of strain even when standing
  • Feel comfortably light and active even after several hours
  • Superior comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Easy to put on thanks to extremely elastic materials
  • 40 denier look


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